Backup Cameras & Sensors

Keep yourself and those around you safe with backup cameras and sensors.

Hear It Before You Hit It

Backup safely in any environment with our backup cameras and sensors.

#1 Safety Feature

Reliable & Accurate

Leaves Time to Stop

Install on
any Vehicle

Backup Camera

See what your mirrors can not. Every year, thousands of children are hurt or killed because a driver backing up didn’t see them. Our back up cameras will keep you and our children safe

Backup Sensors

Hear it before you hit it. Keep your eyes on your mirrors and back up safely as our backup sensors will incrementally beep as you’re coming close to an object you cannot see

Adjustable Volume

Proactive Prevention

Triggers Response

Save Money
on Repairs

Why Choose Our Service?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Durham Autohaus is the best choice for vehicle enhancements. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, exceptional products and quality workmanship. When you invest in your vehicle’s safety and appearance, we want you to have confidence in the work we complete, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We warranty our labour for the entire lifetime of your vehicle. Our employees, tools, and your car are fully insured under our platinum plan. As authorized dealers and installers, we are also qualified to sell and install all of our products and our technicians are highly trained and certified; we go through rigorous testing to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, tools, and methods. Durham Autohaus is without a doubt, the best choice for premium quality and service.

Fast Turn Around

You can count on us to have your vehicle services quickly. Our technicians can install cameras and sensors in record time.


Our location is convenient and accessible. We are also fully insured under a platinum plan that covers our employees, tools, and your vehicle.

10-Year Warranty

We offer a 10-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee on our work. We warranty our labour for the lifetime of your vehicle.


Cameras & Sensors

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Backup cameras and sensors can help to prevent significant damage to your vehicle, property, and individuals. Backup cameras can make parking and reversing easier and safer. 

With eyes on the back of your vehicle and sensors to warn you of oncoming obstructions, you are less likely to hit something and cause damage to your vehicle. 

Protect your landscaping by installing an extra set of eyes on your vehicle. Sensors can warn you when you get too close to trees, pillars, and other objects.

Children and pedestrians can sneak up unexpectedly while you’re backing out of a parking spot. Backup cameras can keep children safe and ensure pedestrians are unharmed. 

Why You Need Backup Cameras & Sensors

Market Leaders

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality products. Get proactive and install backup cameras and sensors on your vehicle.

Ultimate Tool

Backup cameras and sensors allow you to have eyes and ears everywhere. Even a simple task like backing up in a van or truck can be difficult without the proper technology.

Trusted Professionals

Our technicians are highly trained and certified to work on any vehicle. And with our premium insurance coverage, you can trust us with your car.

We Do It All

Whether you need a backup camera or sensor installed, we can help. We use the highest quality products and apply our industry-leading workmanship to every job.

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