Remote Starters

Add a Compustar remote start system to almost any vehicle, and heat up/cool down your vehicle to the perfect temperature.





Durham Autohaus remote start solutions are ideal for those who want the convenience of climatizing their vehicle without having to face the elements. We hand pick the best remote start products in the industry while maintaining an easy-to-use experience. We offer three types of remote start products, “1 – Way”, “2 – Way”, and “Vehicle Specific”.

With 2 – Way remote start systems, your remote sends a signal to the car in order to start it. Then, when the car is started, it sends a confirmations signal back to your remote so you know the car has started successfully. The same concept applies for lock, unlock, trunk, etc.

A 1 – Way remote start system will NOT send a confirmation back to you. However, most vehicles will flash their parking lights (if installed as an added remote start feature) when the engine starts. So, if you choose a 1 – Way system you’ll just need to be within sight of your car to confirm that it has started.

Get Your Remote Car Starter Today!

Would you rather sit in your car in the dead of winter, waiting for the engine to finally warm up? Or would you rather have the flexibility of getting ready in the warmth of your house while your car gets nice and toasty in the driveway? When you live in Canada, remote car starters are practically a necessity! At Durham Autohaus, we carry a vast selection of remote starter devices, and our technicians are experts with remote car starter installation. Our devices work with over 10,000 vehicles, including cars with manual transmissions. There’s no time like the present to bring in your car to Durham Autohaus.



Factory Remote Start Solutions

Factory Remote Start solutions are vehicle specific products that are engineered to the exact specifications of your automobile. They are designed, installed and operate just like dealership remote start products, therefore allowing you to remote start your vehicle from your FACTORY key fob/remote.

How does it work? It’s simple. Press lock 3x to remotely start the vehicle; lock 3x again to remotely shut it down. What’s involved? Our licensed and highly trained installers install and program vehicle specific T-Harnesses into the vehicle. This means the traditional wire cutting, splicing and joining are unnecessary, which subsequently maintains your vehicles integrity.

We Are Experts in Remote Car Starter Installation

Whether you’re looking for a 1-way, 2-way, or vehicle specific factory remote start solution, Durham Autohaus has what you need. We carry only the best Compustar remote start products at affordable prices. Remote start is a great feature to have all year long. While window tinting can prevent the sun from converting your car into a furnace, a remote starter can kickstart the AC to make it the perfect temperature before you even get inside. If you want to give your car the ultimate upgrade, talk to us about 3M vinyl wraps and ceramic coatings. Your vehicle should look great and function well, and Durham Authaus has everything you need for both!

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